April 19, 2013
Indra Networks develops compression optimized for SSDs

September 9, 2009
Indra Networks unveils compression and encryption for Restrospect and Amanda

September 9, 2009
Indra introduces StorCompress VXLe and VXe cards, with parallel compression and decompression capabilities

September 9, 2009
Indra releases the WebEnhance 500 card

Indra Networks is a leading manufacturer of hardware accelerators that offload the compute intensive tasks of compression and encryption from host processors.

Our StorCompress and StorSecure product lines are targeted at data backup applications. These products can be used to compress and encrypt backup data before it is put on the backup media, whether it is disk or tape.

Our WebEnhance product line compresses Web content such as HTML, JavaScript, XML, CSS, etc. in order to save bandwidth costs and improve Web site response times.

Performing these functions in hardware enhances performance while greatly reducing power consumption.

EMC Retrospect has native support for the SS series products.  This enables customers to secure their backups with upgrading their server. Learn more....

Amanda is the world's most popular open source backup software. However, securing your backup data using Amanda can be a challenge.

Download this white paper to see how you can use StorSecure family to meet the challenges associated with encrypting Amanda based backups.
Learn more....

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