Download SC MX3 Datasheet

For high traffic networks like FC SANs, compression requires high processing power. The SC MX3 has been designed specially for such circumstances to relieve the core processor. It has 6 compression engines pushing the envelope of compression performance. The SC MX3 board was designed keeping in mind the needs of high performance environments like Virtual Tape Libraries and SAN backup servers.

Ideally used for a VTL, the card peaks at 450 MB/sec during compression and 517 MB/sec during decompression.

The card works across the x86 Intel platforms for both the 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. It works across most of the popular Linux platforms.


- 6 compression engines
- 64 bit PCI-X
- Compression peak - 450 MB/sec
- Decompression Peak - 517 MB/sec
- GZIP/ZLIB format
- Works with all flavors of Linux


- Virtual tape libraries
- Compression of streaming data

Available for PCI-X. Please email for evaluation or purchase.

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